It’s that time of the year when we know the weather will soon be getting warmer (at least for this year we hope so). And we can start to think about all the bright spring and summer fashions that we will be wearing. This year the fashion is going to be bright and bold again as I said in a previous article. But you need the right shoes for these bold colors and I will show you some I love and that can go with jeans, skirts, dressy and casual.



I’m going to wear some wild colors with my blue or black jeans/ skirts. You don’t want to change your whole wardrobe it is just too expensive. So to make those stable blue and black jeans or skirts trendy add some bright modern shoes. I would not mix pattern shoes with a pattern skirt or jeans but I would mix bright plain jeans/skirt with bold pattern shoes and vice versa.

Of course long skirts are still in for this spring, they are so comfortable, and this year with some of the cool boots that are bright patterns we will be wearing boots all summer. Multi-color boots can go with just about anything even if the color is not in the boot. And remember you should always have a pop of red, it sets off every outfit. Sometimes I just add a red bracelet but I also love a light weight red jeans jacket with skirts, jeans, dresses just about anything.



I have already started seeing some of these styles my favorite discount stores. Remember don’t ever pay full price unless it is an emergency.

Good Luck!!! Talk Soon.